Are you someone who would like to find
more purpose and performance in your life?

Develop better choices and habits?

Respond to changing conditions with more ease and speed?

Find new adventures and quests that light you up?

Why Work With Joe?

Joe guides you through his proven concepts, principles, and strategies he developed while:

  • Winning America’s first-ever Olympic Gold Medal with Scott Strausbaugh in Whitewater Canoe Slalom
  • Serving as CEO of a U. S. Olympic Committee Sport Governing Organization
  • Creating his own performance framework that increases vitality, builds habits that stick, and allows you to do the purposeful work each day that truly matters
What can Personal Performance Coaching with Joe do for you?

Private Coaching with Joe Jacobi

Establish fluid order to complex issues and busy schedules

Increase energy, motivation, purpose, and self awareness

Improve creativity, resilience, and agility

Position yourself to more positively impact relationships and service to others

Let go of comfort zones, distractions, and mindsets that restrict your potential

Accountability from a trusted source of influence and performance

Think of Personal Performance Coaching with Joe as your own 1-1 Personal Training Camp to create and build the skills, mindset and framework to perform your best.

Get Personal Performance Coaching with Joe

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If working with Joe sounds good to you, here’s what the 90-day program delivers:
  • Personal Assessment
  • Customized “High Performance Plan”
  • Eight 1-to-1 Coaching Appointments with Joe
  • Personalized Oversight of The Small Steps Daily Practice
  • Accountability Checklists
What You Bring to the Program:
  • An open mind to learning and applying new ideas
  • A commitment to take small, actionable steps every day for 90 days

Ready to Start?

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